08 julho, 2009

language of the Universe

"Sometimes the Universe speaks to you in a strange language, that you do not understand.

Sometimes you are driving in a path, confident, clear minded, your heart filled with joy... and then something happens that throws you off balance, that shakes your entire structure.

You loose your balance, your feet, your heart pumps pure adrenaline into your veins. Your eyes get filled with tears and your thoughts get shatered... You think you don't deserve it, you think you can not get throught it.

But you can, you see?

Just stop, and breathe for a bit, then think about this new challenge and the reason for it. There must be one. Maybe a sign, maybe a warning.

When you're calm, meditate. A solution will be born in your heart. He will know which path to choose from here. The footsteps that you will have to take.

Remember, this is your way. This is your life, precisely as it should be.

Love yourself. Love your inner strenght.

You will be allright."

This is what I keep telling myself.

3 comentários:

LBJ disse...

There will be always a reason, keep telling that to yourself.

There will be always a sollution.
keep telling that to yourself.

Carlinha disse...

Acreditar nessa linguagem do Universo, tão simples e tão perfeita, é meio caminho andado para te amares a ti própria sem receios nem condições!

A força e a coragem virão, mesmo que não dês conta delas...

E tudo estará onde tem de estar!


Luz disse...

LBJ. I do... I do!

Carlinha, bem vinda!
Obrigada por essas palavras... acredito muito nelas! :)